CARAPACE Coaching and Consulting is based in St. Michaels, Maryland but works internationally with organizations, groups, and individuals to achieve outstanding results more quickly than they could alone. Founder Constance Morris Hope believes passionately that heightened self awareness and an appreciation of differences among people lead to powerful understanding and better self management, which lead to profound connection and “aha” moments, which lead to personal and group transformation, and thus, to improved performance and outstanding results.

CARAPACE clients are at a point in their lives, careers, businesses when they want to take the next step but aren’t quite sure what the next step is, how to take it, or even why to take it. Regardless of where they are in their personal or professional journey of change, Constance Morris Hope helps clients to

  • be aware of their strengths, interests and passions, goals and dreams, and find their hidden potential to achieve them.
  • connect who they are with where they want to be and how they can get there.
  • transform their personal and professional lives by using the greater self awareness they have gained to take a step back, look objectively at the results they want to achieve, and design a plan to achieve them.
  • understand their…XXXXX
  • perform at a higher level by using their greater self awareness and the better understanding of themselves and others to implement the plan they have designed and achieve the goals they have set.